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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

We Offer Term Insurance, Loan and Liabilities Policies, Pension Plans, Child Education Plans,  Retirement Plans and Tax Saving Plan


Life insurance is a smart way to plan for your family and protect them in the event of your death. You can be covered at any stage of life, in any location or occupation, and get tax-free benefits.


Life insurance can be bought from zero age to eighty five years of age and having taken the right measures right there won’t be any problems in the future. This is a tradional plan with life cover and returns at the end of the term with accident benefits too. These policies are tax free as per section 10(10d).

Why Is Life Insurance Important?

We all have life. And we all need life insurance. At Smart Investments, we make it easy to protect the ones you love while planning for the future.

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Few reasons why we need it:

  • We earn our income and it helps us to look after our families, in our absence the insurance money replaces our income. The person is priceless and can never be replaced but the financial worth can be replaced. 
  • In case we have any loans like a personal loan or a car loan or an housing loan, we can put this burden on the insurance company instead of it falling on our family. 
  • In case of a single person who has dependent old parents to be looked after life insurance is his safe option. 
  • Life insurance is also bought to be kept as a business co lateral security too
  • Life insurance is also bought as it gives tax rebate in India under sec 80 cc 
  • Life insurance is also bought to protect special children who need to be cared for 
  • Life insurance is also bought so as to nominate charities and trust so that a legacy can be made and kept forever

In the last 22 years term insurance has evolved from being a risk covering plan to a pension plan too.


Term insurance is just like buying your car insurance 

Only if it meets with an accident its covered 

Same way in term insurance the policy comes to the payment value on the demise of the customer only. 


Today there are term insurance policy with: 

  • Return of premium paid 
  • With pension plans 
  • With mutual funds combos too.

This can be covered by buying a value for money term insurance plan upto your loans and Liabilities as well as your human life value.

Secure your child an international grade college fund by investing today to beat the rising costs of education and institutions

In a time of growing inflation, pension plans secure your retirement years considering inflation and life styles choices by creating passive incomes.

The Income Tax Act of India allows an individual to save upto 1,50,000 lacs under Section 80C by investing in life insurances or mutual funds. In Section 80D we can avail a tax exemption of 25000-50000 for medical insurance depending upon the age. In section 80G we can avail upto 50,000 for donations to registered non profit organisations.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to your family’s future, you want them to have the best. With us, they will. We provide excellent coverage at affordable prices.

Life Insurance

Scientific need base analysis so as to understand and advise the correct and adequate cover for the customer.

Life Insurance

Professional financial consultants who offer holistic planning for the customer as per their short term and long term goals.

Life Insurance

We take their wealth and health statistics in mind when doing his planning .

Life Insurance

Our back end team supports with record keeping and renewals and reminders too.

Life Insurance

We also support for loans and any change of nomination and other services required by the customers.

Life Insurance

We also support for death claims and for maturity too.

When it comes to your family’s future, you want them to have the best. With us, they will. We provide excellent coverage at affordable prices.


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