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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

We Offer Medical Insurance, Critical Illness Policies, Super Topup Policies, Disability Insurance,  Cancer Survivor Insurance, Autistic Children Policies, Diabetic/Insulin Dependent Policies, Heart Care Policies, Smoker Health Insurance Policies, Maternity Insurance, Ayurveda Treatment Insurance, Senior Citizen Health Insurance and Health Insurance

It is a thing of the past to ignore your health and postpone insurance. The cost of healthcare is mind boggling and with the current rate of inflation, the costs will continue to soar. As a wise investor, you must protect yourself and your family from the rising cost of healthcare and unforeseen eventualities. 

We at Smart Investments will help you find affordable medical insurance that lets you maintain a healthy lifestyle and have greater peace of mind not just for you but for your loved ones too.

Why Is Life Insurance Important?

Medical insurance is important for everyone. But, it can be hard to choose the right plan. That’s where we come in. At Smart Investments, our goal is to make it easier to understand how to protect your health and finances

Health Insurance Policies

Few reasons why we need it:

  • Medical insurance assures cashless treatment at hospitals so it saves us time and liquid money. We can get the best treatment and not have to pay for it. 
  • Medical insurance gives us maternity benefits too up to 20 lacs 
  • Medical insurance gives us a free health check up every year 
  • Tax rebate under sec 80 d upto 25000 below 60 years and above 60 years it is 50000 yly 
  • Buying a medical insurance policy is like buying an umbrella, we buy it when we don’t need it so that when we need it we have it and we can make use of it too.

Medical Insurance also known as Health Insurance or mediclaim. It’s done for various reasons , the most important reason is , the rising cost of medical insurance and hospitalisation is increasing at 26% every year! Life saving drugs is at a 56% increase.
There are different kinds of hospitals who cater to the specialised and super specialised treatment Hence the need for health insurance .
Under Section 80D of The Income Tax Act, we can avail a tax rebate of upto 25000 if we are below 60 years of age while we can avail upto 50000 Tax Rebate if the age is above 60years. In the case where children pay for their parents health insurance they are eligible for an additional 30000 tax rebate. It’s is very important to maintain continuity with the mediclaim policy when we are in good health.  Medical insurance is a vital layer of protection towards securing your hard earned savings in a time of crisis.

Earlier in India we had CI products which has 20 such illness listed.Today there are companies which have included 92 illnesses to this list. 


What is this policy ? This policy covers 92 illnesses. Upon detection of  the illness the  customer gets the lump sum, there are 2 stages to the illness. 1st and 2nd stage, or 3rd and 4th stage. Depending on the stage of illness the payouts are made to the customer in their account. This is different from a medical insurance policy. This is a lump sum cash payout policy to the customer upon detection. The customer can take the funds and also go abroad for better treatment too or they can just keep the money for themselves. This policy has no correlation to the customer’s existing medical insurance. Customers can take the claim from both as both are SEPARATE products. This product is available for 18 years to 65 years to enter the policy and cover is  for 5 lacs to 2 crores. Premiums are as per age and they increase every year. To buy this policy the customer has to be healthy. We can try for customers with co-morbidities too but they have to get a medical test for the same. There are 5 top brands selling this plan. We can help you buy.

This policy is also known as Top up policy also. As per the name this is an additional amount the customer buys to safeguards his health bills. 


Who can buy this policy?

  • A customer who has a corporate policy can buy this policy at a discount of 45% and also avail tax rebate on the premium paid. 
  • A person who has a base policy of any other company can buy a top up policy 

The 1st bill has to be paid from your base policy. Once your base policy sum insured is used up  the top up policy can be accepted for the balance sum insured too. 

  • Top up policy Premium are very low 
  • Top up policy don’t have any benefits at all like a base policy 
  • Top up policies are also for one year only.  We can pay 3 years premium together too.

In India personal accident policy has the Disability clause. 

There is a description of every body part given and what % will be paid for the same ! 

  • The Disability has to happen due to an accident. 
  • The Disability has to be permanent in nature. 

Example such as 

  • Eye damage with a cricket ball hit
  • Spine injury n customer getting bed ridden for the same 

The disability premiums are extremely low and value for money too. This policy is also bought by corporate for their employees too as well as a small shopkeeper buying it for their staff too 

  • Premiums paid under this have the sec 80 d tax rebate 
  • For below 60 age it is 25000 per person 
  • For above 60 years it is 50000 per annum

This policy is for the people who have survived cancer. It’s a normal medical insurance policy for them. After 2 years cancer recurrences are also covered.

This policy is for all the children who are 1 years to 25 years. Their parents can buy this policy for them. The cover is only 3 lacs rupees. It’s a normal medical insurance policy for autistic kids.

This policy is for people who take insulin injection daily. Its a normal medical insurance policy for them.

This is a special policy for a damaged heart.

  • In case of a heart attack and a stent which is fixed up 
  • In case of a bypass surgery 
  • In case of a pacemaker
  • In case of any kind of heart damage 

This policy will cover the customer for maximum 10 lacs. Its a normal medical insurance but for a person with damaged heart.

This policy is for people who smoke daily. We have to mention how many cigarettes they smoke and as per the underwriters decision they will get the cover. Maximum is 10 lakhs only per annum.

This policy enables a couple to plan their pregnancy. We have plans with:

  • 3 months pregnancy cover. 
  • 1 year pregnancy cover 
  • 2 year pregnancy cover

This also includes a normal medical insurance policy.

Modern policy’s include Ayurvedic treatments, yoga, unani, siddha as well as homeopathy as a inbuilt feature in your medical insurance policy.

Today we have 5 different senior citizens policy available in india. We have plans with 0% co-pay to 30% co-pay too

Depending on the seniors age and illness we suggest policy for them. Also these policies give them 50000 tax rebate too under sec 80 d.

Why Choose Us?

Smart Investments is the ultimate option when it comes to medical insurance. We’ve got some of the best policies, and our representatives are always on hand to help.

Let us help you make the right decision. Contact us today to speak with an expert.

Health Insurance

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Health Insurance

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Health Insurance

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Health Insurance

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